Petroguard canopySystems is committed to provide a detailed design with regard to the project.
As an initial step forward, we do visit the site, carry out a comprehensive survey and then prepare our survey report for the client.


On finalisation of a conclusive strategy in co-ordination with the client, a method statement will be prepared.
The method statement clearly states the materials being used, the way of application and the end result of the proposed work.
It will be then be sent to the management for approval as a document.


Based on the survey report and taking into consideration the actual needs of the client a conclusive report is prepared.
Wherever possible, the client would be advised appropriately by suggesting suitable and corrective measures.
With regard to the leakages from roof sheets, side walls, terraces, etc. our highly effective and long lasting Waterproofing would be recommended, instead of increasing the budget of the client.


In light of the entire discussions and the final approval of the method statement, a revised offer for supply and installation of materials will be sent to the client for consideration.
On receipt of the Work Order and the agreed advance payments, the materials will be procured and work would be executed within the stipulated time.
Petroguard Canopy System is committed to deliver excellent materials and performance for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.